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Tulsa Apartment Fire

Apartment FireReset set out for what was to be a typical Monday, all crews were out doing our normal business.  Some guys were cleaning up from a water damage, others were out repairing a home that had just gone thru a mold remediation and then BOOM!, we get a call from one of our best clients informing us that they have a fire going on currently on a 24 unit apartment building and they are going to need our help.

There is a large firewall in the center of the building that helped and did not allow the building to burn completely.  So immediately we contact our crews to alert them of the situation, when they wrap up what they were working on they were to be on call.  We could not get into the building immediately because it was still on fire.  While on site with the property owner we map out our plan of attack.  First we gather board-up materials at our shop and from our supplier so that when the fire department leaves we can secure the building.  We have our crews on site within the hour we were released to enter the building to begin securing the property.  Thank goodness no one was injured.

We also installed temporary fencing around the building being that the building was part of a complex that housed many residents, and as you can imagine the fire breeds curiosity.  Day 2 began with helping the residents that did not lose all of their belongings retrieve what was salvageable so that we could begin the clean up process.  By the time we were able to work this day, it was nearly dark.  Day 3 began with demo and setting up drying equipment.  The Tulsa Fire Department did a great job of putting out this blaze, however, to do this they had to use a lot of water.  The building was soaked!  Walls, ceilings, floors and so on, all WET!  If water has the chance to sit for to long we could be facing another big hurdle, MOLD!  Mold can begin growing within 24-72 hours.  There were 12 units on one side of the building that incurred a lot of water damage but we knew we could save a majority of what was in place and avoid unnecessary demolition.  We pride ourselves on being a company that tries to figure out a way to get a structure dry or repair damage without major demolition.  We have lots of drying equipment that we had on the site, placed it in strategic locations and began the drying process.  We had over 100 fans, several dehumidifiers, large generators for power and men moving everywhere.  As we were drying the demolition was going on on the side of the building where the fire started.  I would say that it was a successful dry being that we were able to get the humidity down quickly which helped with odor control very well.  We were able to dry this side of the building which was saturated in a matter of a few days.  In fact we dwindled down our equipment to just a few fans that were left on day 4.  Day 5 we pulled all of the fans and dehumidifiers.  We then continued to clean up all of the fire and smoke damaged materials that remained.  All refrigerators, stoves and other appliances that could be salvaged were cleaned inside and out then placed into a storage container on site.   We are currently on this project and will have updates to our status as we move forward.  This was a large loss and as soon as we are turned loose to do the  reconstruction I will update with this with our progress.  If your business or home is damaged by fire or water, call Reset 918-582-7373, your property is our top priority.

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Reset Restoration - Water, Mold and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma